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Place: School playground with artificial grass, Dobříš (GPS: 49.7795825N, 14.1725275E) Mapa



Jörg Thenert (DE) - judge for EO 2015



Artificial grass

Obstacles - HERE


Starting fee:

CZK 700,- per team

This cover 4 open runs (2x jumping + 2x agility) + 1 team relay run and the Final individual for qualified + the Final relay for qualified...

(if somebody will not be a member of any relay, he has the right to run the qualification relay run as a white dog)

The registration is valide after we recieve your payment on our account:
Name of account: DOGFRIENDS
IBAN CZ44 0300 0000 0002 3607 8090


Dead line: 16.7.2015 at 20:00.


Sign in at kacr.info



Registration: Saturday till 9:00

Course walking of the first run - Sat 9:30, Sun 8:30

SATURDAY: Jumping > Relay - agility > Agility

SUNDAY: Jumping > Agility > Relay Final (jumping) > Final individual (agility)


FINAL individual

agility run for qualified teams only

How to qualify?

LARGE - best 5 not-yet-qualified teams from open runs (total 20 teams)

MEDIUM / SMALL - best 4 not-yet-qualified teams from Saturday open runs in each category (total 16 teams per category)


FINAL relay

jumping run for qualified relays only

How to qualify?

Best 6 relays of LARGE and best 6 relays of SMALL/MEDIUM from agility relay run (Saturday)



- relay consists of 3 teams (each team can be part of 1 relay only)

- 2 categorie - LARGE and SMALL/MEDIUM (small and medium teams can be mixed in one relay)

- jump hights - LARGE - 55-65 cm / S/M - 35 cm

- runs will be judged according to Czech agility rules (same as FCI rules) with this changings:

- time starts after the first dog jumps over obstacle No.1, time stops when the last (third) dog jumps over the last obstacle (electronic timekeeper)

- 2 members that are not runing, are holding the relay baton (each has one) they also have to stay in designated area with their dogs

- changeover: 1st team ends the run on the last but one obstacle and is trying to get as fast as possible into the designated area > only when he is fully inside also with his dog, the 2nd team can pass him the relay baton > after the changeover 2nd team starts on obstacle No.2 > the same way goes the 2nd changeover

- all teams runs the same course

- 1st team starts at obst. No.1 and ends on the last but one obstacle (obst. No 15 on our image)

- 2nd team starts at obst. No.2 and ends on the last but one obstacle (obst. No15 on our image below)

- 3rd team starts at obst. No.2 and ends on the last obstacle (obst. No16 on our image).

- obstacles No2 and the last but one obstacle (No15 on our image) does not have to be jumps

- the oblication of being in the designated area starts with the sign of judge that opens the course and ends after the time stops

- fault in changing area (5 points):

- dog or handler steps out of the box (with any part of the body) in the time he is not allowed to

- the relay baton fall down on the ground

- disqualification - when the dog that should be in designated area leave overcome any obstacle in the course

- the designated area is not a part of the course so it is allowed to play with a toy or feed the dog in it. Also the dog can be on lead.

- when one handler starts with more dogs in one relay (it is possible), his dog(s) that is not running must stay in designated area. If handler starts with 2 dogs, he will run as 1st and 3rd team in the relay. 1 hander can also start with all 3 dogs but nobody else can help him to keep dogs inside designated area.



(click on the image to get bigger image)




Best 3 teams of each category in individual Finals will be awarded by prizes from our sponsor's


Prize money for Best 3 relays in both categories

1st place - CZK 4000,-

2nd place - CZK 2000,-

3rd place - CZK 1000,-



- KACR agility rules will be followed

- only for A1-A3 teams

- dogs must be minimum 18 months old

- please inform at registration about bitches in heat

- no croped dogs are allowed to compete

- no pregnant or milking bitches are allowed to compete


Organizator: DogFriends, z.s.

Contact: Jakub Štýbr, jakub.stybr<a>seznam.cz, 608141696


DogFriends, z.s. :: Ústí nad Labem